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3 rabbits

This is a short fiction book story on how a stitch in time saves nine stitches.

“Come and get it! Fresh waffles! Choose your favorite toppings! Chocolate, strawberry, and all fruit toppings! Father was the waffle maker and seller today.

Grandfather Rabbit is going to visit his other son today. Grandfather Rabbit wants to see his son and daughter-in-law.

Grandmother Rabbit is on the rooster for taking charge of the Beauty Saloon today. Grandma Rabbit is doing a major interior decoration of the beauty parlor.

“I’ve rearranged our makeup table. The previous user has left it in a mess and I couldn’t find a few things. I thought I had lost them but after rearranging the makeup, nail polish and skin care products, I have found what I was looking for.”

“Boo hoo! Boo hoo!”

“Goodness, what is that?” Grandma Rabbit looked around anxiously. “Why, Ing, its you! Why are you crying, bunny?

Ing the Rabbit, the grand-daughter of Grandma Rabbit, tried to wipe her tears away by the fur of her paw.

“Its nothing, Grandma Rabbit, I caught a whiff of onions and started sobbing.”

“No, child, you can’t pull wool over Grandma’s eyes. I may be old but I know a lie when I hear one.”

“Oh, Grandma, my hair band is torn and I’m afraid Mother will be mad at me!”

“Let’s take a look, bunny. There’s nothing Grandma can’t fix with a needle and thread.”

“Its only a loose stitch. You’re lucky you told me in the nick of time. I can save your hair band for you. It just needs a stitch to fix the loose end. A stitch in time saves nine. “

“Oh, Grandma, you’re wonderful! Thank you for saving my hair band!”

“No problem, Honey. How about learning a little simple sewing so that you can mend your own stuff in the future?”

“That’s great! I would love to learn how to sew. When do we start?”

“We’ll do it as soon as I get my sewing kit. Instead of sewing your torn hair band for you, I’ll show you how you’ll be able to sew on a stitch that will save your article for you. You know what they say in Sylvanian Land?”

“Uh, no …”

“Teach an animal to sew and you’ll teach her to help herself for the rest of her life.”

“Grandma, you’re the greatest!”

“Thanks! That was the best compliment I have received today! Shall we start right now?”

Grandmother Rabbit has saved her grand-daughter’s hair band with a stitch in time. Can you save something of yours with a stitch in time?

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